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Why walking is important ?

By walking you can lose 300 to 400 cal each day. You spend .04 calories per step. So if you are taking 10,000 steps you will be loosing 400 calories on an average. This may not look a lot, but after that 45 minutes of walk, your metabolism remains high throughout the day, that is […]

Why skin is becoming loose with weight loss?

Skin stretched during weight gain, loses its ability to retract after weight loss because of damage to collagen. Factors affecting skin elasticity are age, genetics and the length of time someone has carried excess weight. Consuming nutrients like protein, Vitamin E, Vit C, Omega 3 fatty acid and water can help you . When you […]

Is multigrain aata must for weight loss?

No , it is not mandatory. Multigrain flour is made up by combining variety of millets, pulses and wheat in a proportion suggested according to medical conditions. These ingredients help to increase proteins, vitamins, minerals and fiber into your Chapati. All are beneficial for boosting metabolism and weight loss but aren’t mandatory as these nutrients […]

Can I eat banana during weight loss ?

Yes, you can eat a banana but limit it to a small banana only. Elaichi banana is a better option. If that is available then opt for that.  Bananas have a huge fibre content and zero fat that can help you manage your body weight. Unripe bananas contain starch which helps make people feel fuller […]

Can I eat Mango during weight loss ?

Yes, you can eat mangoes. Mangoes are not worse for weight loss. You can safely eat them , provided to eat them in small portions and don’t go bingeing on them. A 100-gm serving of ripe mango pulp has a mere 60 calories! Do not eat it along with lunch or dinner but eat it […]

Can I eat butter ?

Butter is a saturated fat just like ghee and coconut oil. Consumption of fats should be limited in our diet. Total edible oil consumption should not be more than 4 tsp per day out of which 2 tsp can be butter, ghee or coconut oil. Butter is a better choice compared to margarine as it […]

Can I eat paranthas?

Yes, you surely can eat vegetable stuffed parantha or other parantha of your choice. Cook it under 1 tsp of ghee. For a healthier variant you can opt for stuffed Chapati & then add few drops of ghee over it to cut down additional calories. Limit the proportion to 1 or 2 pranthas of medium […]

Is Atkins diet good?

Atkins diet is a fad diet in which carbohydrates are limited to only 10 – 20 gms per day that too mainly from vegetables. Dietary Guidelines from most countries recommends 45-60% of your daily calories from Carbohydrates, here you are getting only 10% of the recommended amount. Such a deficit of carbohydrates can lead to […]

Is intermittent fasting good?

Intermittent fasting can be a helpful addition to any healthy lifestyle, so most people should safely and effectively incorporate fasting into their lives. It helps to improve metabolism in most of the cases and is advised for metabolic disorders. People who are underweight or have a history of eating disorders should not fast. People with […]

Can I eat any fruit in the night time?

Yes, you can eat fruits at night. Avoid fruits just before bed, keep a gap of 1 hour. Maintain a gap of 1 hour. If you get a late night sweet craving, it is better to munch on fruits low sugar fruits strawberries, Kiwi, berries etc than chocolates, ice creams, or packaged cake bites. Fruits […]